About inGame

We are the Informatics Game Research Group (inGame), whose mission is to connect together people interested in games and gaming. Together we are working to increase the legitimacy of games as an area of substantive academic research at Indiana University through the programming of community events for undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and other members of the Hoosier community.

Our programs evidence the current interests of our active membership base; this year we’re developing two principle initiatives that reflect our practice in both games research and competitive video game play. A number of us are engaged in some form of ‘games research’ whereby the industrial production of games, appropriation and enjoyment of games, and/or some feature of the artifacts themselves figure into our ongoing research agenda and writing practice. Many of us are explicitly interested, as well, in the production of eSports entertainment—either as media producers or performers. In the pursuit of such, we have made inGame a place to foster and maintain the formation of competitive eSports teams here at IU. As an officially recognized research group within the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering (SICE) we are ideally positioned to be reflexive researchers, as well as dedicated video game fans!

While primarily housed within SICE, we’re in active collaboration with graduate students and faculty within the Media School. Together we host regular practice sessions for Overwatch players with dedicated coaches and commentators, archived videos of which can be found here. We have tended to meet in-person to play in Franklin Hall on Saturday mornings; if you would like to join us, or learn more about upcoming practice sessions, you should contact Alex Mirowski for more information.

Teams for League of Legends, DOTA, and Rocket League are also in the works! If you want to connect with people coordinating around these games, you should consider joining our listserv and/or attending our monthly meetings.