Joining inGame

There are two primary ways to get involved in our group: the inGame listserv & the inGame Discord Server.


A listserv is an email messaging distribution application. Sometimes the most efficient and reliable way to contact many students on campus at one time is to use a listserv, but anyone may join with any kind of email account. Because inGame is not exclusive to Indiana University students, we encourage you to enroll to the listserv with whichever email you check most frequently for current news and announcements.

To keep enrollment procedure information as current as possible, we’re going to route you to the official Knowledge Base FAQ on joining Indiana University listservs. Review the directions for joining listservs here;¬†our listserv name is ingame-l.

Your request will be moderated by one of the listserv owners, Alex Mirowski or Iris Bull. If you encounter problems subscribing to the listserv, you can register in-person at one of our group meetings or email one of us directly for more help.


Alex Mirowski and Iris Bull also administrate the inGame Discord Server, where we share links and engage in general chit-chat. Announcements and special solicitations are also shared there. If you would like an invitation to join the server, please contact one or both of us via email for a link.