Active Students

These members are directly involved in steering the interests and projects championed by inGame. Many others participate in the group on our Discord server. Several of us meet in person on Saturdays to practice gaming as a group in Franklin 052.

Thao Bui aka “Valerie/Trusty”
undergrad, TESPA contestant, Overwatch player, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege player
Class of 2017-2021, Informatics Major

Iris Bull aka “antiViris”
infrastructure, race & gender studies, feminist praxis, production cultures, digital work
Find me: @ibull; feministgames.wordpress; Overbuff: antiviris
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Trae Carroll aka “BudgetCuts” and “PunControl”
The lab, video games, bicycling, critical analysis and breakdown of game frameworks and interactions
I like Science. I like games as a social platform where people collectively analyze the game substance, figure out the interaction and what works. I play to tease out these bits of insight and strategy to improve my game. I also enjoy engaging others with similar topics to improve their play. The first goal is to get better and understand the game. Fun and winning will follow.

Everett Green aka “Green”
A.I. NLP Computational Linguistics Machine Learning
I’m an avid futurist who enjoys thinking about the value structures we use to drive our daily decision-making processes and how we can apply those to artificial intelligence algorithms. The nexus of human and computer intelligence is currently quite an exciting place to visit. And I also enjoy playing video games.

Lucas Kempe-Cook aka “Ravlin”
esports, casting and commentary, speedrunning, randomizers
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Javon Goard aka “Jaystonee”
videogames, sociology, race, gender, social stratification
Find me: @JavonOnThePgrm; jstonee.wordpress
3rd year PhD student in Computing, Culture, and Society

Alex Mirowski aka “Northend”
history of video games, history of technology, virtual reality, infrastructure                       PhD Candidate in Computing, Culture, and Society and founder of inGame. Looking forward to a bright future of vibrant, critical research for the field of game studies.

Stephen Tsung-Han Sher aka “Clenoic”
Speedrunning, Online Charity Fundraising, Esports, Education
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Emeritus Members

Tristan Gohring

Shannon Grimme